*sigh* I appreciate your patience through our growing (or glowing) spurt. 🙂

You can now find my blog at: http://everydayglow.com.  I’m taking a fresh approach to my blog, and it revolves around my daily life and what I practice.  I can’t wait to give you insight into my world, including a daily food journal, workouts, and new recipes.

We also launched http://superfoodglow.com to house our amazing Superfood and Detox diets.  The programs are so incredible + comprehensive, we had to give them their own site.

In the meantime,  yours truly crashed fortheglow.com! Once we get it back up and running (starting from scratch) it will basically be the mothership to all of our programs.  If you’re ever wondering what I’m up to, if any new programs or services have been added…fortheglow.com will take you there!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support!  Now go visit http://everydayglow.com!